Apr. 19th, 2007

chigusairo: (pimp suit)
I am watching a program about the ”secret” of making good takoyaki. Because apparently I like punishment and longing for things I can't have.

EDIT: I'm having a taste flashback to that takoyaki dog (yes. on a bun) that I had at Shinsaibashi...wow...it's been almost a full year since then. I'm suddenly very sad and lonely. A normal Thursday night in other words. XD;

EDIT: Why am doing this all-nighter when I don't have to. *headdesk* Because if I finish these critiques now I won't have to do them next week. And according to the plan that I made for myself entitled "crazypaperschedule" I was supposed to have two of these things done already. Argh. I hate me. And now is a fine time to realize that I could have written my paper on Yoshitsune and had a much better time of it. I'm wasting time atm planning how to conquer powerpoint for my Inuit language presentation coming up in two weeks. I'm using streamed media for one part, which hasn't worked out for me so well in the past. -_- I'd also rather get the ppt design angst out of the way.

The end of April into the first week in May is going to be insane. Finals week will be tame by comparision.


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