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I procrastinate. I found a Word file on my computer that should have been posted to my LJ last November. I never did post it, even though I wanted to because it contains my first Takarazuka experience. Or at least what I could manage to squeal out while I was still excited and hyper. So, it's long (very), inarticulate, and strange. I have a lot more to say now and perhaps better. But, I want it to be a part of my journal. So just ignore it if need be. With no editing even though the last part is bitchy, here we go.

Nov. 2005:Takarazuka & Arashiyama (Misora Hibari Museum) or how I spent too much money in one weekend )
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Well, I just got done with my big presentation for Reading and Writing Japanese. It wasn't a complete disaster, which makes me feel a little good about the result. I read off my cheat sheet too much, though. Lots of correcting myself. But, overall it went well so I'm proud. *beams*

For this class, everyone has to pick a novel to read from a prescribed list, the class reads a selection from the work, and then someone makes a presentation and leads a discussion about the selection. My presentation was about a short story from Yoshimoto Banana's 「体は全部知っている」and although I like Banana as a rule, I didn't much care for this particular short story one way or the other. So, I spent the majority of the time on the author. The pile of books in my room about Banana for my research paper certainly helped. XD; And now I need to go home and work on said research paper. I still need to get the titles of manga I'm going to use to the professor. I've just had a hard time deciding which titles will work best with Kitchen and N.P. I've finally accumulated some titles that I think might work....I really won't know until I begin really reading them straight through. What have a gotten myself in to?!

Oh! Oh! Possibly, I'm going to Takarazuka this month! I wanted to go in February (most likely alone), but it just so happened that yesterday my host mom's friend wondered if I was at all interested in Takarazuka and wanted to take me. XD I haven't met the friend yet, but she's a big fan of Takarazuka and goes every month.It'll be so much more fun to go with someone who is a long-time fan rather than by myself since I want to know more about it. My host mom and Mizuho decided to try to go, too. We still need to get tickets though...but there's always December (weekend before scary finals)@_@

My parents are coming to Japan from December 24th to January 2nd. At this point, they have airline tickets, but haven't gotten the hotels figured out yet. They want to travel around so we roughly planned to go to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kobe, and possibly Nara. My parents aren't seasoned travelers or anything (neither am I) so I think taking things a little slower isn't a bad thing. In fact, this will be their first time out of the United States...I'm a little worried, but I'm probably not giving them enough credit. Still, anticipation abounds. My parents are going to have dinner with my host family. It's going to be weird and I hope it goes well. My host mom's really worried about her English. I'm a little stressed about figuring out an itinerary for my parents because they are relying on me.You may ask why we aren't going to Tokyo.The answer is cruel and simple: I don't want to go to Tokyo if I can help it. Although...come to think of it it would be neat to meet Kazuko-san in Yokohama again. But, I'd feel kinda bad since I haven't really kept in touch after she was so wonderful to me.

Tomorrow I'm going with a friend from class to Kyoto to do various sightseeing things.

I think I'll go home and have a catnap now.Then get cracking on reading those manga...I need to reread Kitchen as well.


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