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Working on presentation for できちゃった婚 ("shotgun marriage"). It's not going well because I now have way too much information and I don't remember how to write presentation scripts in Japanese. So, while I'm getting all stressed out about the language aspect, I'm wasting time on the visual. I found really cool fonts for my poster. =D And pictures, like this one which is kinda....cute.

Man(thinking): I'm not sure if this is going to go well.....
Woman(thinking): But, I hadn't even thought about marriage yet...

So, I dunno. He's putting on that creepy little "u" smily. She's already sick to her stomach. Hahahaha. It's cute. I have it printed out and I have a marker. I am really tempted to draw moustaches on both of them. Actually, in my head I'm thinking of much meaner things to fill into the bubbles. ....wait, harrassing cartoon characters isn't going to get this done.

Ok....working, working. Lalalala~.

EDIT: Today's misspelling~> Hiraku Genji. And it's not just in the book, Neil Gaiman's Online Store gets it wrong, too! That's our man、 開く源氏。 Actually it would be kinda funny if we used 平句源氏 although it's even stranger. With 平 and 源 together we get 源平; meaning the opposing sides of the Heike and Genji random. Wheeee~. Yes, no mercy for proofing mistakes.
Um, this also calls for 光GENJI songs...
Look at those boys skate and dance! The only thing that cracks me up more than their skating is the times they wear these REALLY short-shorts and rather than being appealing it's just silly. Oh, late Showa Era, why are you so amusing.
shabon no you ni

*cough* Uh, right...premarital sex....working on that.
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LJ procrastination usually means doing memes, but I'm ignoring this. I went to Kiddyland yesterday for no apparent reason and looked at the character goods. Of course, Japanese character goods are always getting strange, but now I bring you the newest San-X character that was the most strange from this particular day.

Behold the weirdness of トホホな犬.
Image hosted by


Parakiss begins tonight. I'll probably forget to tape it and be angry the next day. That's precisely what happened to the final episode of Hachikuro. I want to see it. *siiiigh*
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Hi. I'm supposed to be doing assignments and such, but I did that all weekend and I'm just tired of it. Of course, the endless cycle of quizzes and tests never seems to end. Had an exam this morning in Japanese. Ughhhh. I guess it was okay. I'm just glad I don't have to study for it anymore. Just once I'd like to have a weekend during which I don't have to worry about a huge test or a scary speech on Monday. It just ruins the whole weekend. Do things like that in the middle of the week, damnit! But, that's life.

Of course, there's tomorrow's 170+ word vocabulary quiz to look forward to. Oh joy. Oh rapture.

I can't find a good news story for my media class, so I think I'll skip the assignment this week. Even though getting the extra credit points would be nice. There's just nothing happening in "Arts and Entertainment" right now that I feel like reacting to or half-assing a paragraph about. I didn't do the reading assignment for today, yet. *sigh* Getting behind probably isn't a good idea...

*trudges off in a bad mood*


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