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Over Thanksgiving break it seemed like my dad brought up this conversation more than once: "Nyssa! I can't wait until we can go back to Japan!!!!!=DDD"
The smilies are not an exaggeration. Yes, dad, I'm glad we can bond over our shared interest in getting back to Japan as soon as possible??
I've realized that the weird thing is my dad is actually more excited about getting back to Japan someday than I am at this point (near the end of the semester. Of course, he'd be going for vacation and I'm "probably" going to work so it's two very different things.
...and now...I have to write poetry. *shudder*
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So, I finished the rough draft of the mujo paper for Premodern Literature. Oh, yes, life is oh so fragile and everything's going to end and all that. Lalalalala~

Done with mujo (for now), I turn to a poetry assignment for Creative Writing. A thousand burning suns.

Directions: "Write a free verse poem about an event that takes place in a short period of time: a death; a birth; the first inklings of love; whatever."
(the "whatever" part cracks me up)

M-mujo, why are you back? I just played with you for hours! Chomei-kun already went home and without him around I don't like you that much. And no matter how much you think I'm going to write you a poem it's not going to happen. There's plenty of other things that can be done with this poem. So there!

....*writes the fucking poem anyway*

...I'm talking to an abstract Japanese aesthetic now. Help. Water. Vacation. Please. Riza? Guns? Yes.


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