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See the influx of headlines again about changing Japan's constitution (the two sides: "oh noes!" "oh, yesh!")

Same story six months ago.

Except all of us in Modern Japanese History were writing a paper on the constitution (and women, who still are full of fail, I'm sorry).

This is horrible of me (because I don't even agree with the changes proposed at this time), but just now I started to entertain the idea that the paper would be more interesting to write if they did finally amend it.

I wish I was on vacation. Silly Fourth of July and it's lack of being during school time. XD;

I changed my LJ style to the fox and Fuji-san! (I like the Vox styles) 'tis cute. (^・x・^)And the titles are now lyrics from HY's 11:00AM. Fluffiest song I know. And at this time last year I'm pretty sure I was at karaoke and this song was playing. *sigh* Anyway, I need more uplifting cute for every time I come and look at my to-do list of doom.
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Hawks circling as Constitution turns 60
Abe camp targets Article 9 amid North threat, talk of going nuclear

So much more interesting than rehashing EVERYTHING by writing a history paper on it.

I find it darkly amusing that while drafting, Kades was like, "Hey, if they don't like something, they can just change it." And then it stays the same for 60 years. And now there's so much precedent against doing any kind of revision that I fear what's going to happen.....with the whole North Korea situation.

I'm more interested in WHY the consititution has stayed the same for 60 years...rather than talking about women's rights over a century ago. !*@!(%^*@&^ But, I'm just impatient with history. Don't mind me.

EDIT: Well, if I had one triupmh tonight it was getting my desktop taskbar finally back in the right place. It's been stuck on the top for two weeks now and driving me crazy. The answer was surprisingly simple, but it was too simple for me to realize as I just got more and more frustrated. XD; I just need a mouse and life will be easier. ;_;
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Following up on my outburst back here about Japanese high schools not meeting their requirements.

Seniors at 7.1% of schools falling shy of required credits

Ouch. I was a bit appalled how this article sneaks the suicide in there between two other paragraphs. Just wow.

I really wish I had time to read the Japanese press about this. And now I harken back to the time when I did so every single day. And didn't have to write papers about mono no aware. ;-;

Just a random thought.
You know what, Japanese conservatives, you can't keep saying that the ideas about education being thrown about are "new" and revising "the past."


Oct. 27th, 2006 07:05 pm
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Sorry, I'm not really coherent at the moment. And correct spelling: what's that? I seem to have forgotten.

Okay, certain high schools in Japan, WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?!

Article:More schools found scamming on course load; seniors in lurch.

Or maybe I should be yelling at monbunsho for making students take more classes than they would need to pass the entrance exams, and SHORTENING the school day and causing the schools to be like, "But, wait....we still have to make sure they pass the exam! OMGWTF. And we want top scores! Okay, here's what we'll do, we'll adjust the curriculm so it focuses on the exam. And lie about it!"
Monbunsho: "O rly?"

I would be so pissed off if I were a senior at one of these schools. Although, by saying that I'm assuming that the students' didn't know the school was doing this ...but I'm sure someone noticed.


Oct. 26th, 2006 03:11 am
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Man, it's only 11:15 and I have no choice but to go to bed. Or work on rereading Pyle because, heh, apparently none of it stuck in my head. Meh. Just got back from Japan Club scary movie (着信アリ)watching. Tee hee.

And then I open firefox and Japan Times gives me an eyeful of a gruesome story about a man hit by a shinkansen in Shizuoka. They show a picture of the shinkansen cab "afterwards." ....and there's still blood on it. T-T Did they think I wasn't going to notice those red streaks all over the pearly white nose of the cab? I'm sad now. And somehow reminded of a story I heard from a friend about witnessing an old woman throwing herself in front of a train, the crowd not reacting, the police coming, and no one wore gloves while they picked up....yeah. It was an interesting cultural experience for my a scarring sort of way.

So, yeah. It's funny, but despite all the scariness I'm actually more sleepy than I have been for weeks.

Oh, and after the musical on Friday I'm going home for the weekend (just cuz)! ^_^ I'll get to sleep in my own bed for three nights, which is super comfy. Bed=<3 And that's what I'm really looking forward to? Hahaha. Nah, but it is the first thing that comes to mind. XD;
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Well, first of all congratulations to Kiko-sama on her pregnancy!
Today: Princess Kiko pregnant / Royal couple expecting birth of 3rd child in autumn.

And now the news articles about that Koizumi and that little revision thing...
Yesterday:Koizumi vows efforts to enact imperial law revision (Kyodo)
Today:Imperial succession bill may not be submitted: Koizumi hints(Kyodo)
Today:News will dampen bid to revise male-lineage succession system (Asahi)

EDIT: And this unrelated thing:Shine or shine: Beijing 2008's zero tolerance policy on rain. This article has bias. Let's mess with the weather by using chemicals! It has a "good" applications, but it also has silly applications. I'll have to learn to be tolerant of all these controlling things that have been invented.
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Oh! Oh, so this is how it's going to be:Female on throne could marry foreigner, Hiranuma warns [AP via The Japan Times]

This is just a little article of many about the debate over allowing imperial princesses become empresses. It's mildly interesting, but I'm merely a spectator. =) I predict that it will go through despite opinions like this.


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