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!! Sometime while I was trapped writing papers for the last week, the PV of Baseball Bear's Dramatic made it up on youtube. *_* Finally, I get to hear the full version of the song!! (don't much care for video, but I rarely like videos, anyway). The 1:30 minute rip from the Oofuri anime OP seriously kept me going these past two or three weeks. Listening to the full version is like...a wonderful present to celebrate the end of finals. As soon as I find the full lyrics in kanji...I'm so translating.

Oh,'s pouring outside. I approve. ^_^
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It's quick translation time yet again. Um, the song is from 1993. I think it was somewhat of a hit, but what do I know. Nakajima Miyuki wrote the music & lyrics and Ken Naoko sang it. It's enka. So, no one cares...but I do! (Nakajima Miyuki is genius, if you weren't aware already):D

And I really hate translating "kamome" as "seagull" but I'll shrug it off.

Nakajima Miyuki/Ken Naoko- Kamome wa kamome )


EDIT:Psych!Another translation.

Wada Akiko- ano kane wo narasu no wa anata )

Okay, I will admit that I first heard this song from the coffee commercials.

And LOOK...Akko-san's so young. I mean that completely as a compliment because she's really cute in a 1970s' way. Probably not the best example of her singing, but...<3
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Quick song translation time~! (because I have *no* time to be doing this, but wanna procrastinate a little, mmmkay?)

"Warabigami" is a lullaby from Okinawa. I have several recordings of it (including Natsukawa Rimi's!), but I'm sure there's many different recorded versions. Actually, this time I used a translation for the English translation. Because while I have a copy of the Okinawan...I don't understand enough of it to translate. So, I used the Japanese translation of the Okinawan! And, no, I did not type out the Okinawan text because I don't even know how to type some of it on my keyboard. Oh...and the ヘイヨー parts aren't there because I'm lazy.

Lots of rough spots with this one. And I reached for the English thesaurus, I will admit. There's a little "note" at the beginning that came with the Japanese lyrics which is about all I know about "Warabigami" until I start looking things that free time I create when I should be sleeping.

Warabigami Translation with Japanese Lyrics )

I doubt anyone cares to hear the song on my FL, but it's really pretty if you like lullabies. I cry when I listen to one of the versions (Futenma Kaori's...I just realized her 字 is the same as 普天間基地), but anyhow. ^^; Natsukawa Rimi's version is pretty relaxing, of course. And can be found on youtube: but she sings it in Japanese mixed with Okinawan which is understandable for me. It's different than the version above, which isn't matched to the music. Actually, after watching this I realize I need to look at the Okinawan version to clear some things up. Actually, now I'm not sure which version is the original, since the lyrics I have and the lyrics Natsukawa sings are both attributed to Koja Misako. Maybe both. That baby-holding motion is seriously not appealing to me. XD;;

And I'm so completely forgetting kanji left and right. I didn't know the reading of 懐 but I should have known it was 懐かしい and therefore warm and close to my heart. トホホホ


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