Aug. 27th, 2007 02:05 pm
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I'm only going to say this once probably:
College is bliss.
The end.

Meanwhile, to make today even more special chapter 48 of Oofuri came out. Big news happened. "Like oh my god." I am now even more in love with this manga than ever before. Although everyone probably knew what was coming since chapter 1, but not the specifics. Promises, promises. :x I'm just not sure Nishiura has much chance left, but it's still going to be an interesting ride. Actually, recent developments might help Nishiura. I just don't know yet. This chapter did also make me wonder how long Higuchi Asa plans to make Oofuri. It's about baseball so it could go on forever, but...I'd like to think she has a plan.

EDIT: Lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning (EDT Mid-eclipse=6:37am)!!
Totally getting up for that. Hope the sky will be clear.
(Note to self: 月食=lunar eclipse)

EDIT 2: The sky wasn't clear. =(
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...I am completely addicted to "Ookiku Furikabutte" manga. It's a really strange thing to be addicted to since most of the baseball strategy goes right over my head, but I'm starting to learn the lingo. I'm on chapter 31.

But, FINALLY it's inbetween games so I can put it down for the time being...>.><.<

Imagine how productive I would be if I could become this addicted to writing papers.

EDIT: I finished all the chapters of Oofuri so, I was able to write two play critiques today (Sunday)!! Although...the second one was easy because Komachi is awesome and I GOT ALL THE POETRY REFERENCES. *thumbs-up* Moving on to the third. Lalalala~. Hmmm, I also have to do a reaction paper for Anthro. of Religion. I already did the reading a long time ago and my reaction is more or less "huh? @.@" so somehow I'll stretch that out into 2 1/2 pages...*sigh* I don't have any more printer paper. I wonder if it would break my concentration to go on a walk to the library. >.>


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