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I passed 1-kyuu with a 78%!

I'm so glad and really happy that I was somehow able to go from passing 2-kyuu to passing 1-kyuu in one year. I went crazy last semester, but it was worth it.

Having said that...this isn't the end, JLPT. Oh no. We're not through.
Time to get started for taking it again next year!

EDIT: JET interview in 43 hours! I'm really excited.
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I'm restless. I know JLPT scores are out in Japan, but not yet for those of us who took it in the States. The website says the reports will be sent at the end of February. I'd really like to know before my JET interview if I managed to either pass 1-kyuu somehow or got really close. I'm taking it again next year without a doubt, but...I wanna know! *kicks feet up in the air* blog: I was doing research about Arjun Appadurai and happened upon this blog yesterday. The pictures are really good and I like how Mumbai and Tokyo are weaved throughout kinda as a comparison. It shows off the versatility of a good blog. As for the written content, it's interesting, but maybe more so since I know hardly anything about cities.
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1-kyuu kanji tackled this week: 309

No wonder I can't remember my own name.

I've decided that at the very least I'm going to make sure there's not a kanji I haven't SEEN before on the test when I take it. Reading it and using it is a different story.

I need to put the kanji away for now so that I can study for my archaeology test tomorrow. Which contains such words as enamel hypoplasis, stable isotope analysis, skull height, pelvic brim, tibial bowing, haplogroup, porotic hyperostosis, and...commensualism. *shudder*

...I should eat lunch.
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v(≧∇≦)v イェェ~イ♪

I passed JLPT 2-kyuu. Time for the next step/lots more studying.
EDIT: I better start studying kanji (2000) and vocabulary (10,000) NOW.

re: JLPT

Dec. 3rd, 2006 08:18 pm
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I guess the damage has been done. Results delayed until March.

At least I ate really good food in Georgetown and Rockville. In Georgetown we walked up the infamous staircase from "The Exorcist."

That's about all I have to say. Heh. *headdesk*


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