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For the future...I want this

Disclaimer: By claiming I want the new version of WordTank does not in any way, shape, or form change my love for my current WordTank. We're going on four years after the premmature loss of my first WordTank at two years. I hope to make it five. I remember how tramatic it was losing the first one. Never again. The horror, oh, the horror.
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1-kyuu kanji tackled this week: 309

No wonder I can't remember my own name.

I've decided that at the very least I'm going to make sure there's not a kanji I haven't SEEN before on the test when I take it. Reading it and using it is a different story.

I need to put the kanji away for now so that I can study for my archaeology test tomorrow. Which contains such words as enamel hypoplasis, stable isotope analysis, skull height, pelvic brim, tibial bowing, haplogroup, porotic hyperostosis, and...commensualism. *shudder*

...I should eat lunch.
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I finally found the lyrics to Natsukawa Rimi's "Hana ni Naru". Translation pending whenever I have to write a paper again (Monday night). See, now I'm planning my procrastination. It's crazy.

Hana ni Naru lyrics )

Actually, this is kinda just to tide me over until I find "Umi no Kanata" lyrics, which are somewhere in my paper files. Rawr, where is it. The trick with that is I have to translate the Japanese translation of the Ryukuan. Hahaha.
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I should be writing a paper.....except no. I'm incredibly distracted because my recording of the original "Phantom" arrived in the mail today since I really wanted to hear it. And then I started listening to the Takarazuka version again. And then this happened for the last ten minutes because I couldn't find it anywhere:

Lyrics for 'Omoi mo yoranu kimi )

Right...I have no desire to translate this. >.><.< Just wanted the lyrics down somewhere (to sing along, of course). I think I like the English version ("Who Could Have Ever Dreamed of You")a little better...oh, Philippe and your silly pick-up lines and silly French accent. Jerk.

EDIT: (The next morning)...rough translation added. *headdesk* I needed something to do before going to class. Right, killer Wednesday START.

EDIT 2: (The next night) And just for giggles:
'Who Could Have Ever Dreamed Up You' Original English Lyrics' )
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Just finished watching "After Life" or Wonderful Life (the English release title is changed for obvious reasons.)

Read more... )
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Okay...I'm completely procrastinating at the moment. Usually during this time on Mondays I had two hours of band, but now that it's over I find myself either wandering around campus or listening to music. Go figure.

HERE'S TO APRIL NOSTALGIA?? I have no idea why I'm ranting XD;<3 )

This is how I stay sane these days. Mmmm...this song I'm listening to now from the same soundtrack is always relaxing. Why didn't they include all of the "time-wasting" songs from the movie on the soundtrack? I can't remember the name of the dyed-hair girl in the green jumper, but....her song was great and I know she's in a band. If Base Ball Bear can make it onto the soundtrack, why not her band, too? ;-; Less sucky BGM (except for the opening title and「放課後」)and more vocal would have been nice...*sigh*
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v(≧∇≦)v イェェ~イ♪

I passed JLPT 2-kyuu. Time for the next step/lots more studying.
EDIT: I better start studying kanji (2000) and vocabulary (10,000) NOW.
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Quick easy song translation time. My goal was to not overthink things and come up with a "natural-sounding" translation. I like some parts, but others...well, I'm not willing to spend more time on it so here we go!

Suga Shikao-Sorosoro Ikanakucha (Kanji+Translation) )

And if anyone would want the song (it's slow and laidback, of course): Here.

Ah, listening to "June"...I kinda wanna q!trans this one, too...
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So, I finished the rough draft of the mujo paper for Premodern Literature. Oh, yes, life is oh so fragile and everything's going to end and all that. Lalalalala~

Done with mujo (for now), I turn to a poetry assignment for Creative Writing. A thousand burning suns.

Directions: "Write a free verse poem about an event that takes place in a short period of time: a death; a birth; the first inklings of love; whatever."
(the "whatever" part cracks me up)

M-mujo, why are you back? I just played with you for hours! Chomei-kun already went home and without him around I don't like you that much. And no matter how much you think I'm going to write you a poem it's not going to happen. There's plenty of other things that can be done with this poem. So there!

....*writes the fucking poem anyway*

...I'm talking to an abstract Japanese aesthetic now. Help. Water. Vacation. Please. Riza? Guns? Yes.
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Working on presentation for できちゃった婚 ("shotgun marriage"). It's not going well because I now have way too much information and I don't remember how to write presentation scripts in Japanese. So, while I'm getting all stressed out about the language aspect, I'm wasting time on the visual. I found really cool fonts for my poster. =D And pictures, like this one which is kinda....cute.

Man(thinking): I'm not sure if this is going to go well.....
Woman(thinking): But, I hadn't even thought about marriage yet...

So, I dunno. He's putting on that creepy little "u" smily. She's already sick to her stomach. Hahahaha. It's cute. I have it printed out and I have a marker. I am really tempted to draw moustaches on both of them. Actually, in my head I'm thinking of much meaner things to fill into the bubbles. ....wait, harrassing cartoon characters isn't going to get this done.

Ok....working, working. Lalalala~.

EDIT: Today's misspelling~> Hiraku Genji. And it's not just in the book, Neil Gaiman's Online Store gets it wrong, too! That's our man、 開く源氏。 Actually it would be kinda funny if we used 平句源氏 although it's even stranger. With 平 and 源 together we get 源平; meaning the opposing sides of the Heike and Genji random. Wheeee~. Yes, no mercy for proofing mistakes.
Um, this also calls for 光GENJI songs...
Look at those boys skate and dance! The only thing that cracks me up more than their skating is the times they wear these REALLY short-shorts and rather than being appealing it's just silly. Oh, late Showa Era, why are you so amusing.
shabon no you ni

*cough* Uh, right...premarital sex....working on that.
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Finally found lyrics to Zenshin in the Street! Yay~! So I'm romanzing and then translating later because this song makes me happy.
Weirdness: Uhhh...why does the person that wrote this down use 逝く (to pass away, die) instead of 行く(go)? Typing error or do the lyrics really say that? XD;;

Zenshin in the Street )

I think my lovely purple mouse is dying. It doesn't want to stay connected or turned on. 3 years is your limit, mousey? Sou sad. T-T It's the metallic lavendar version of this VAIO mouse. I suppose I could get a wireless this time...
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Classic Japanese song. Quick song translation for fun because I finally found it and I'm in a mood to be really sad. =( I seemed to have collected several covers plus the original artist, which makes me glad.

Iruka- Nagori Yuki


You're waiting for the train, as I'm next to you
Paying attention to my watch
Snow is falling out of season
You whisper sadly,
"So this is the last snow we'll see in Tokyo"
I know it's time for the traces of snow to fall
After this season we fooled around in too much
Now spring comes and you've become beautiful
You're much more beautiful than the year before

動くことが こわくて下をむいてた

Pressed up against the window as the train starts to move
You try to say something to me
I look down
Afraid of your lips forming the word "goodbye"
As this time comes, I still haven't noticed
That even you, who were so very young, have grown up
Now spring comes and you've become beautiful
Much more beautiful than the year before


You're left behind as the train leaves the platform
I watch the snow fall and melt
Now spring comes and you've become beautiful
Much more beautiful than the last year
You've become much more beautiful than the year before


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