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I am going to finish this annotated bibliography today if it kills me.

I was amused by this article from Japan Times:
A purrfect place for fanciers of felines

Isn't there a place like this near Shinsaibashi? ...or maybe that was dogs.
The amusement factor for me was that they even have nabe for the kitties! XD; For more information regarding the neko-nabe phenomena see one of many youtube videos here. Oh, there *anything* you can't take way too seriously? LOL.
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The Obakemono Project
This is a pretty cool site about Japanese monsters, ghosts, spirits, etc. While the information is a summary of the cited material and the formatting is a bit wonky (at least for my computer), I think the best part is the style of the pictures of the Obakemono. I'm kinda curious about who made this page and where the images came from, but there's no information. I've looked at other sites that catalogue obake like this one, but they didn't have consistent pictures in a similar style. *shrug* If you've got some time to procrastinate...the random button at the top of the page is recommended.
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See the influx of headlines again about changing Japan's constitution (the two sides: "oh noes!" "oh, yesh!")

Same story six months ago.

Except all of us in Modern Japanese History were writing a paper on the constitution (and women, who still are full of fail, I'm sorry).

This is horrible of me (because I don't even agree with the changes proposed at this time), but just now I started to entertain the idea that the paper would be more interesting to write if they did finally amend it.

I wish I was on vacation. Silly Fourth of July and it's lack of being during school time. XD;

I changed my LJ style to the fox and Fuji-san! (I like the Vox styles) 'tis cute. (^・x・^)And the titles are now lyrics from HY's 11:00AM. Fluffiest song I know. And at this time last year I'm pretty sure I was at karaoke and this song was playing. *sigh* Anyway, I need more uplifting cute for every time I come and look at my to-do list of doom.
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I am watching a program about the ”secret” of making good takoyaki. Because apparently I like punishment and longing for things I can't have.

EDIT: I'm having a taste flashback to that takoyaki dog (yes. on a bun) that I had at's been almost a full year since then. I'm suddenly very sad and lonely. A normal Thursday night in other words. XD;

EDIT: Why am doing this all-nighter when I don't have to. *headdesk* Because if I finish these critiques now I won't have to do them next week. And according to the plan that I made for myself entitled "crazypaperschedule" I was supposed to have two of these things done already. Argh. I hate me. And now is a fine time to realize that I could have written my paper on Yoshitsune and had a much better time of it. I'm wasting time atm planning how to conquer powerpoint for my Inuit language presentation coming up in two weeks. I'm using streamed media for one part, which hasn't worked out for me so well in the past. -_- I'd also rather get the ppt design angst out of the way.

The end of April into the first week in May is going to be insane. Finals week will be tame by comparision.
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Over Thanksgiving break it seemed like my dad brought up this conversation more than once: "Nyssa! I can't wait until we can go back to Japan!!!!!=DDD"
The smilies are not an exaggeration. Yes, dad, I'm glad we can bond over our shared interest in getting back to Japan as soon as possible??
I've realized that the weird thing is my dad is actually more excited about getting back to Japan someday than I am at this point (near the end of the semester. Of course, he'd be going for vacation and I'm "probably" going to work so it's two very different things.
...and now...I have to write poetry. *shudder*
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It's a boy!
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Finally, with the high-speed connection I have uploaded most of my pictures that are fit for viewing at a new paid Flickr account.

So, if you are interested in a lot of shrines, temples, moss, landscapes, flowers, NOT many people because people BITE when you take their pictures, and other random pictures:


Just make your way back to the main page. ^^; And if you have looked, if you'd let me know (comment?) I would really appreciate it since there's more I could/need to do.

EDIT: @.@ I was trying to send an email just to my aunt, but instead random people who I haven't talked to in awhile (and don't want to for that matter) on my contacts list ended up in the Sent To line before I noticed! Gah! And I don't even know who exactly! *bites lip* Awkward. Hotmail, you fail. <(`^´)> Where's that ninja kao-moji when I need it.
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I procrastinate. I found a Word file on my computer that should have been posted to my LJ last November. I never did post it, even though I wanted to because it contains my first Takarazuka experience. Or at least what I could manage to squeal out while I was still excited and hyper. So, it's long (very), inarticulate, and strange. I have a lot more to say now and perhaps better. But, I want it to be a part of my journal. So just ignore it if need be. With no editing even though the last part is bitchy, here we go.

Nov. 2005:Takarazuka & Arashiyama (Misora Hibari Museum) or how I spent too much money in one weekend )


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