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Registration is over. I changed my mind (or rather they crossed classes I wanted to take off the list and said they were full) several times up until the last second before I handed the registrar my form. This is what I ended up with:

Sexuality & Culture in Japan- MTh
The Struggle for Justice- WF
Japanese Buddhism-TTh

Waiting list for Body and Communication in Japan, but I'm still torn about whether I should take that or stick with what I have. I wanted a free day, but it just didn't happen.

Still need the schedule for Japanese Spoken 6. I picked Issues in the News for Writing & Reading 5/6, but whether it will actually be offered or not depends on if there's enough people signed up to take it. (the other choices being Readings in Fiction and some kind of Society class)

After registration I wandered off to the Suntory museum in Osaka to see the Alphonse Mucha art exhibit. *_____* I'm in love with his style as of this trip. I wanted prints, but they didn't have the ones I really liked for sale so I gave up. Still, I picked up the exhibit book, a bookmark (poster for Hamlet), and a postcard.

I cracked and bought the HUGE special edition of the FMA movie. I still haven't seen it for all of you who either went to the theater like good boy and girls or cruelly downloaded it. I wanted to rent it first, but that proved impossible. Tsutaya was having a special clear-file give away, but they were out already. The day after it goes on sale and they are out already. Rats. I knew there was something I was forgot to do yesterday.

I now have my host family information. Yay! They live 40 minutes from school! I like communting in Japan (um, the other day I took the regular train instead of express just so I could be on the train longer...crazy). It's about the same distance as last semester, but now I get to take the Keihan Kisachi line for the first time. There's one son, one daughter below and above me age-wise. Both parents smoke. This is what I get for putting down that I don't really care about smoking when actually I probably do, but didn't want to be close-minded about it. They have hosted before. This will be my first time living with a host family that has been through this before. ....I'm not sure if that's good or bad since they will have "expectations" of how I might behave. I rather like breaking host families in. >=p First time with a younger host brother, too. Makes me a little nervous because I've had two invisible, shy older host brothers in the past. Hahaha. And I have just remembered that the last time I saw my first host brother (Hiroki, age 20 at the time) was when I accidently walked in on him in the bathroom. Awkward. Extremely awkward. I don't know how to handle host brothers. I'd really like to try harder this time. If only I knew how. =/


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