Apr. 8th, 2008 05:35 pm
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I have 9 1/2 pages of rough draft thesis bits! (Yes, bits. Most coherent, others not so much. But, they are necessary bits, I swear.) Must not fall into false sense of security. >.><.< Keep writing.

Unfortunately, my computer has been destroyed by a horrible virus and is now being restored by tech. I realized that I completely forgot to make the installation CDs like they told me to last semester if this happened again. *headdesk* Thankfully, I put all my school stuff for this semester on my USB drive and I've still got everything else sitting on my H drive from last semester. I'm just sad that I can't be in my room to do work. ;-;
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Finally found lyrics to Zenshin in the Street! Yay~! So I'm romanzing and then translating later because this song makes me happy.
Weirdness: Uhhh...why does the person that wrote this down use 逝く (to pass away, die) instead of 行く(go)? Typing error or do the lyrics really say that? XD;;

Zenshin in the Street )

I think my lovely purple mouse is dying. It doesn't want to stay connected or turned on. 3 years is your limit, mousey? Sou sad. T-T It's the metallic lavendar version of this VAIO mouse. I suppose I could get a wireless this time...


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