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I think my thesis is done.
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DUN-DUN. It's the last week of classes. Today would be the last "Monday" of classes, but they're making us do it all over again on Thursday. I've finished all the other class papers as of today, so there's no choice but to work on my thesis(and study for finals).

I played a lot of hanafuda online today, which earned me a hug from Rachel while I was procrastinating on a paper at the LRC. And then I came home and played the real thing with Jen! <3 Hopefully, I haven't learned the rules incorrectly and I'll be ready for gambling night sometime during finals week. The online hanafuda doesn't include tsukimi ni ippai or hanami ni ippai, which is unfortunate because it's the coolest dekiyaku of them all!

It's time for House! :D


Apr. 8th, 2008 05:35 pm
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I have 9 1/2 pages of rough draft thesis bits! (Yes, bits. Most coherent, others not so much. But, they are necessary bits, I swear.) Must not fall into false sense of security. >.><.< Keep writing.

Unfortunately, my computer has been destroyed by a horrible virus and is now being restored by tech. I realized that I completely forgot to make the installation CDs like they told me to last semester if this happened again. *headdesk* Thankfully, I put all my school stuff for this semester on my USB drive and I've still got everything else sitting on my H drive from last semester. I'm just sad that I can't be in my room to do work. ;-;
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Happy Chinese New Year (soon)!

Petty little thing-->I completely forgot to go to Servo for the Chinese New Year dinner. Not that I was counting on the food (okay...the duck might have been good), but the decorations I saw them putting up yesterday were quite intricate. The utensil caddy was being transformed into a Chinese-style cart (I don't know what to call it). Oh well.

Yes, I'm listening to Carmen Sandiego. It brings me joy.
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Well, I'm done with finals for better or for worse. Tomorrow afternoon I have to get in my car and drive home, never to return until January 13th. While I'm kind of surprised we have less than a month, I'm still hoping winter break will go quickly. I feel like a slug when I'm at home. I've got to find something worthwhile to do with myself. I've got a pile of books to read, but I've got to leave the house sometimes...I'm already dreading the cabin fever.

...and I'll miss my suitemates. ;_;
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Status report:
Archaeology final
Southeast Asia Take-home final 7 pages

Ryukyu paper: 15 pages Due Tuesday 1pm
Methods reaction paper due 4pm Wednesday
Japanese final Thursday.

Current mental state: :D Happy.

EDIT:...yup. I do a meme almost every finals week.
This one seemed appropriate. )
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Two months is the measure of my life, isn't it? )

Brain-failure is imminent.
Library juice is refreshing. This song is on crack. And it was in "Breakfast on Pluto," which made me laugh.

Status report: Saturday 12:30. )
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1-kyuu kanji tackled this week: 309

No wonder I can't remember my own name.

I've decided that at the very least I'm going to make sure there's not a kanji I haven't SEEN before on the test when I take it. Reading it and using it is a different story.

I need to put the kanji away for now so that I can study for my archaeology test tomorrow. Which contains such words as enamel hypoplasis, stable isotope analysis, skull height, pelvic brim, tibial bowing, haplogroup, porotic hyperostosis, and...commensualism. *shudder*

...I should eat lunch.
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Look, it's a portmanteau!

agitprop: agitation and propaganda.
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This semester=impossible. Just after I almost finished everything for tomorrow (Damn you Wednesday!!) during a two day break, I'm still just as deep in the hole as ever. Even though I did almost everything on my list that could be done (except study for JLPT, which I knew was a lost cause this weekend anyway). Now I'm sitting here making my schedule for the rest of the week in UTTER DESPAIR. It's only a three day school week and !*@(&@$^*&#. I'm beginning to think these to-do lists are useless tools symbolizing my the MAN! Someone must pay. XPPP

I already feel like October's over. And that's very (times 5) bad. Otherwise, I've had so much massage lately I'm feeling pretty good. XD;


Aug. 27th, 2007 02:05 pm
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I'm only going to say this once probably:
College is bliss.
The end.

Meanwhile, to make today even more special chapter 48 of Oofuri came out. Big news happened. "Like oh my god." I am now even more in love with this manga than ever before. Although everyone probably knew what was coming since chapter 1, but not the specifics. Promises, promises. :x I'm just not sure Nishiura has much chance left, but it's still going to be an interesting ride. Actually, recent developments might help Nishiura. I just don't know yet. This chapter did also make me wonder how long Higuchi Asa plans to make Oofuri. It's about baseball so it could go on forever, but...I'd like to think she has a plan.

EDIT: Lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning (EDT Mid-eclipse=6:37am)!!
Totally getting up for that. Hope the sky will be clear.
(Note to self: 月食=lunar eclipse)

EDIT 2: The sky wasn't clear. =(
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Hail Gettysburg our alma mater
help us praise thy name
we'll ever lend
our hearts and hands
to help increase thy fame
the honor of old Gettysburg
calls forth our
So cheer (rah rah)
those Gburg Bullets on
to fight for Victory!

I'm back. *passes out*
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Last week of classes )
Finals week )
0. Blast-off
-1. Clean up room and pack.
-2. Get job

I AM MADE OF WIIIIIIIIIIIN! !*(!^%&%*!(_%*@)$9)!*(#&)!*$


May. 6th, 2007 05:25 pm
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I'm never going to get all these papers done in time. I'm going to have to lower my standards. *sigh* I'll be so glad on Thursday without these things over my head. Until then it's going to be hell. Hope I can stay awake. I wish I had more exams than papers. An exam only takes about 4 hours to study for (I have a set limit of 6 hours, after which I've studied too much). A research paper that's 10-15 pages can take anywhere from 10 to 12 hours for me.

But, I have to start studying for my exam tomorrow, so they'll just have to wait. Studying was going good until I got to kabuki and there's all this obscure stuff on the review sheet that I don't know where it came from. Rawr. Who the hell is Banto Tamazaburo?! Help. T-T

EDIT: ...I bet Banto Tamazaburo was talked about on the day I missed class. So, he must be something about the onnagata in Maiden of Dojoji then.

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I'm shocked. I'm in a creative mood. I'm actually enjoying re-writing and editing my original Noh play. And I know this is strange because I'm doing the syllable counts for the poetic lines and not getting frustrated! I hated my play when I wrote the rough draft a million years ago (*cough* during those two double-nighters before spring break?), but I like it now and I think it's going somewhere.

Writing a kyogen interlude (which was completely unnecessary, really XD;;;) made me happy enough to care about the rest of it.

...back to struggling with my lines for the play we're doing on Monday. I'm really not good at this speaking thing...
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...I am completely addicted to "Ookiku Furikabutte" manga. It's a really strange thing to be addicted to since most of the baseball strategy goes right over my head, but I'm starting to learn the lingo. I'm on chapter 31.

But, FINALLY it's inbetween games so I can put it down for the time being...>.><.<

Imagine how productive I would be if I could become this addicted to writing papers.

EDIT: I finished all the chapters of Oofuri so, I was able to write two play critiques today (Sunday)!! Although...the second one was easy because Komachi is awesome and I GOT ALL THE POETRY REFERENCES. *thumbs-up* Moving on to the third. Lalalala~. Hmmm, I also have to do a reaction paper for Anthro. of Religion. I already did the reading a long time ago and my reaction is more or less "huh? @.@" so somehow I'll stretch that out into 2 1/2 pages...*sigh* I don't have any more printer paper. I wonder if it would break my concentration to go on a walk to the library. >.>
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I had a good day (it's been awhile, I have reason to celebrate). It was "fake Monday" because I had Monday classes and activities, when it is in fact Thursday. I seriously thought this scheduling change was stupid beforehand, but it's been uplifting and nonstressful. It's too bad we have to go back to regular weekdays tomorrow.

More fake Mondays <3 plz.

I'm hoping this general feeling of goodness continues. O:D
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I made record time on a trumped-up reaction paper: 5 1/2 pages in 2 hours.
...well, at least it's done. Most of it's crap, but some of it is good stuff I've been planning to write for a week.

Soooo, now I'm done with my two big assignments due for today. I guess I'm still "conscious" enough to do the reading for my two classes.


Plans for 4-day Easter break: Kyogen paper, kyogen paper, and more kyogen paper. Laaaaame. (okay, not really...but do you know how badly I would like to sleep through the next four days?! And go shopping...)
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Me: Working on stuff is fun! =D
Progress: It's okay to take a break because we're getting somewhere!
(Menstrality: And I'm a bitch.)
Me: YAY!
Recollection:Hey, that huge thing you thought was due Tuesday is actually due Thursday.
Me: Really? *_*
Progress: ::facepalm:: Don't let her know that. It was supposed to be secret!
Oh shit...that jerk's coming.
Procrastination: Haaaaaay, guys. :DD

I'm back.

Mar. 17th, 2007 04:25 am
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Um, it's four am and I just got back from our Habitat for Humanity trip to North Carolina. More to come later..if I feel inclined to talk about how fun/crazy this past week has been. I'm so exhausted, but it's the good kind of exhausted.

I must protest, though, coming from sunny NC weather in the 70s to fresh Gettysburg snow in the 20s is not recommended. (but either one is beautiful in its own way)

In a couple hours I am so going to the library to watch "Naked City." This past week was so busy and so fun I completely forgot about it until...I was listening to "Yami ga Hirogaru" on nonstop repeat from about midnight to two am in the van.

[ profile] paura, in response to your post some-odd days ago, I hope you found the site. But, you won't see this because you're rocking out in Hokkaido. :p


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