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Remember "The Land Before Time?" Yeah, it was my favorite movie when I was pre-school age (early Spielberg and Lucas exposure...not sure if it was a good thing or not, but eh). I did watch the sequels at least until III. And they sucked so completely I just wanted to forget. I was just kinda wondering, but YES they are still making Land Before Time videos...XI is coming out at the end of the month. XI? *headdesk*
And wow...completely unrelated to the movie, but Ducky's voice-actress' life was tragic. How sad. T-T

Oh! And "The Last Unicorn" on remastered DVD just came out yesterday. *covets* =O I really want a copy, but am skeptical because there's been complaints about other releases of it and hopes that this release will finally be up to par. So, I'll wait until the reviews roll in on Amazon.

EDIT: The Point. I remember this. I think I saw it in 8th grade during "study hall" the time I thought it was trippy. My friends and I riffed it to pieces. Well, now it's nice to know that I was right. The creator was on acid. It all makes sense now. Or, it doesn't without applying circular logic! Gah.
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There's nothing like laying around in your pajamas (mine have moons and stars. It's very sleep-festive, indeed) feeling a little under the weather and reliving your childhood. I don't know why but all of a sudden I remembered The Pirates of Dark Water. I completely forget sometimes that I loved this series a lot and I watched it with my mom (cause she used to be cool like that). And now I cannot rest until I watch the series over again. It's too bad there isn't a REAL commerical release to buy. Or a real ending. But, then that can probably be said about my childhood in general. NOTHING EVER ENDS. And while I'm at it I REALLY want to watch "Really Rosie" now. Maurice Sendak. Childhood memory overload., this path down memory lane has led me to a crappy old mac game, Another World or Out of This World, my dad and I obsessed over it during the LE II years because that's all we had (besides Lemmings XD). I downloaded it just now. It is incredibly bad, not much fun, but SO SO nostalgic.

EDIT: Have received several distracting packages of DVDs. No, must do homework. Grrrr.


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