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I'm back. It's less hellish than I imagined and I got over jet lag and tiredness by the second day. Got to eat some of my favorite American foods that I missed. Family came to visit last night. Good to see them all. Sometimes I just want to ram my head against the wall, but at this point it's an emotion I'm able to overcome easily. Everyone's being nice, but my mother and I can only go so many days (hours?) before the yelling begins. It's communication (of the worst kind). I actually like living in the basement because there's lots of space and it's cool. It feels like I have my own area seperate from everyone else. I guess I should explain that we have an exchange student right now from Brasil. She's really nice and I like her.

However, today I noticed something I really miss. My "mama charinko" bicycle. With thin wheels, the basket on front and the bell that rang every time I went over a bump and the seat that was too low for me. Come back, baby! My mountain bike here is giving me nothing but hate. I don't care about those fancy gears, you were the only one for me. T-T

Besides that, I'm adjusting back to life here again. It was only nine months, afterall. And driving is awesome. I'm tempted to say not as awesome as riding the train, but this entry is about how I'm NOT wanting to go back right this second because I don't. I wonder if it's convincing at all...*stare*...maybe I'll try again next week.

I guess the good news is that my second day back I got gainful employment for the summer! That should keep me busy. =)


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