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PowerPuff Girls Z has a flaw for me. I don't care how much everything is different from the original (except for Miss Bellum being BLONDE. wtf), but my initial reaction is the weapons are just not cool. Or rather, they are cool looking (Blossom's yoyo reminds me of other Japanese sentai heroes, though. Really old ones. I need to find clips of that), but it's so wimpy and played when they are just gathered around the enemy hitting it over and over again with the same attack. Not that they didn't ever do that in PPG, but at least there were uppercuts to the face and poundings....and Buttercup's punching bag of meat. Different take, different characters, different culture I suppose. A mediocre waste of time.

Am now nostalgic for PPG. Must run to class.
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w00t for watching Ouran Host Club on YouTube...really quickly. o.O I'm starting on episode two, let's see how far I can get over the next six days of no scheduled activity! I hope I won't go insane.

EDIT: Soooo, I got distracted from that and started trying to hunt down posters for my room. I cannot find the Alphonse Mucha print I want, which is for Sarah Bernhardt's Hamlet. =( Yeah, they have all the other posters he did for her, but that one. The others are cool, but I can't decide and don't have the money to buy more than one. I'd love to get Medee, but do you think it might freak my roommate out to see a menacing woman with a knife over a dead body on my wall? Is this a warning sign? That is the question. Guess I'll keep looking for Hamlet. I find it on ebay, but it's canvas and I can't hang canvas here. ^^;


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