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Status report:
Archaeology final
Southeast Asia Take-home final 7 pages

Ryukyu paper: 15 pages Due Tuesday 1pm
Methods reaction paper due 4pm Wednesday
Japanese final Thursday.

Current mental state: :D Happy.

EDIT:...yup. I do a meme almost every finals week.
This one seemed appropriate. )
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Two months is the measure of my life, isn't it? )

Brain-failure is imminent.
Library juice is refreshing. This song is on crack. And it was in "Breakfast on Pluto," which made me laugh.

Status report: Saturday 12:30. )
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...okay, break was going reasonably alright. And by reasonably I mean I'm surprised I haven't died. Details excluded.

And now...
I realized that after the wipe, I don't have Office on my computer and my disk is in Gettysburg.*facepalm* So genius. So very genius, Nyssa.

It's okay because if I need to work on something I can just do it on my parent's computer...or not because my mom has a pile of work to do,too.

Departing for Thanksgiving now! Hope everyone's having a blast.
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For the future...I want this

Disclaimer: By claiming I want the new version of WordTank does not in any way, shape, or form change my love for my current WordTank. We're going on four years after the premmature loss of my first WordTank at two years. I hope to make it five. I remember how tramatic it was losing the first one. Never again. The horror, oh, the horror.
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1-kyuu kanji tackled this week: 309

No wonder I can't remember my own name.

I've decided that at the very least I'm going to make sure there's not a kanji I haven't SEEN before on the test when I take it. Reading it and using it is a different story.

I need to put the kanji away for now so that I can study for my archaeology test tomorrow. Which contains such words as enamel hypoplasis, stable isotope analysis, skull height, pelvic brim, tibial bowing, haplogroup, porotic hyperostosis, and...commensualism. *shudder*

...I should eat lunch.
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Look, it's a portmanteau!

agitprop: agitation and propaganda.
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This semester=impossible. Just after I almost finished everything for tomorrow (Damn you Wednesday!!) during a two day break, I'm still just as deep in the hole as ever. Even though I did almost everything on my list that could be done (except study for JLPT, which I knew was a lost cause this weekend anyway). Now I'm sitting here making my schedule for the rest of the week in UTTER DESPAIR. It's only a three day school week and !*@(&@$^*&#. I'm beginning to think these to-do lists are useless tools symbolizing my the MAN! Someone must pay. XPPP

I already feel like October's over. And that's very (times 5) bad. Otherwise, I've had so much massage lately I'm feeling pretty good. XD;
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I'm getting dangerously close to ordering a Takarazuka DVD that I certainly can't afford. I most certainly cannot afford it.

(OMG...why oh why are they coming out with Haruno Sumire collections with like 3 complete shows on it that ONLY costs 18,000円?! Hankyuu is full of crafty ones.)

Okay, temptation abated. At least for tonight.
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I finally found the lyrics to Natsukawa Rimi's "Hana ni Naru". Translation pending whenever I have to write a paper again (Monday night). See, now I'm planning my procrastination. It's crazy.

Hana ni Naru lyrics )

Actually, this is kinda just to tide me over until I find "Umi no Kanata" lyrics, which are somewhere in my paper files. Rawr, where is it. The trick with that is I have to translate the Japanese translation of the Ryukuan. Hahaha.
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I should be writing a paper.....except no. I'm incredibly distracted because my recording of the original "Phantom" arrived in the mail today since I really wanted to hear it. And then I started listening to the Takarazuka version again. And then this happened for the last ten minutes because I couldn't find it anywhere:

Lyrics for 'Omoi mo yoranu kimi )

Right...I have no desire to translate this. >.><.< Just wanted the lyrics down somewhere (to sing along, of course). I think I like the English version ("Who Could Have Ever Dreamed of You")a little better...oh, Philippe and your silly pick-up lines and silly French accent. Jerk.

EDIT: (The next morning)...rough translation added. *headdesk* I needed something to do before going to class. Right, killer Wednesday START.

EDIT 2: (The next night) And just for giggles:
'Who Could Have Ever Dreamed Up You' Original English Lyrics' )


Aug. 27th, 2007 02:05 pm
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I'm only going to say this once probably:
College is bliss.
The end.

Meanwhile, to make today even more special chapter 48 of Oofuri came out. Big news happened. "Like oh my god." I am now even more in love with this manga than ever before. Although everyone probably knew what was coming since chapter 1, but not the specifics. Promises, promises. :x I'm just not sure Nishiura has much chance left, but it's still going to be an interesting ride. Actually, recent developments might help Nishiura. I just don't know yet. This chapter did also make me wonder how long Higuchi Asa plans to make Oofuri. It's about baseball so it could go on forever, but...I'd like to think she has a plan.

EDIT: Lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning (EDT Mid-eclipse=6:37am)!!
Totally getting up for that. Hope the sky will be clear.
(Note to self: 月食=lunar eclipse)

EDIT 2: The sky wasn't clear. =(
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Hail Gettysburg our alma mater
help us praise thy name
we'll ever lend
our hearts and hands
to help increase thy fame
the honor of old Gettysburg
calls forth our
So cheer (rah rah)
those Gburg Bullets on
to fight for Victory!

I'm back. *passes out*


Jun. 13th, 2007 04:41 pm
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Guess who is playing the CSI board game with her mother?! XD;

Anyhow, I'm supposed to be making dinner tonight but I'm tired. At least I managed not to come home at 1:30 and take a nap from hell. (yesterday: 1:30pm~5:30 unexpected nap, bed at 8:30pm, awake at 3am...I have no life.)
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Damn, that's all I can think to say.

EDIT: I thought of something very specific that is annoying me.
It's Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars." We always listen to the radio at work because I dunno the ice machine isn't deafening enough without more noise. Local radio station, I'm sorry, BUT GIVE ME A BREAK FROM THIS SONG. Honestly, it plays at least three times in two hours. And it sucks. There's another song they need to stop playing, too, but I can't think what it is right now. It's just too painful. And yes this is based solely on my opinion. There are some songs I could listen to for hours like a fool. Just not these examples.
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So...I'm breaking LJ silence to sigh:

Haruno Sumire is retiring next December.

And that's about all I have to say of note.
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Well, it's summer. And this is what has happened so far:

-organized my junk
-started working 1st shift in the ice room.
-adjusted to going to bed at 8pm and waking at 3am
-my parents bought a used car that I get to drive for the summer!
-bought fabulous clothes on sale
-went to somewhere outside of Philly for grandpa's Knights Templar installation.
-read a couple of books
-memorized 100 kanji (if I do 7 a day up until the test...I could be alright XD;)
-played piano a lot
-saw "Pirates" 3. Not on my dime. Meh.
-cleaned up my harddrive/massive burning.

Looking forward to:
-Aunt coming next weekend!
-Vacation to Outer Banks at the end of July!
-Visiting Gburg sometime!

And, I'm not online much because it is just too damn frustrating to deal with the internet speed here at home. Maybe once a week or so I'll be on.
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Last week of classes )
Finals week )
0. Blast-off
-1. Clean up room and pack.
-2. Get job

I AM MADE OF WIIIIIIIIIIIN! !*(!^%&%*!(_%*@)$9)!*(#&)!*$
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!! Sometime while I was trapped writing papers for the last week, the PV of Baseball Bear's Dramatic made it up on youtube. *_* Finally, I get to hear the full version of the song!! (don't much care for video, but I rarely like videos, anyway). The 1:30 minute rip from the Oofuri anime OP seriously kept me going these past two or three weeks. Listening to the full version is like...a wonderful present to celebrate the end of finals. As soon as I find the full lyrics in kanji...I'm so translating.

Oh,'s pouring outside. I approve. ^_^


May. 6th, 2007 05:25 pm
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I'm never going to get all these papers done in time. I'm going to have to lower my standards. *sigh* I'll be so glad on Thursday without these things over my head. Until then it's going to be hell. Hope I can stay awake. I wish I had more exams than papers. An exam only takes about 4 hours to study for (I have a set limit of 6 hours, after which I've studied too much). A research paper that's 10-15 pages can take anywhere from 10 to 12 hours for me.

But, I have to start studying for my exam tomorrow, so they'll just have to wait. Studying was going good until I got to kabuki and there's all this obscure stuff on the review sheet that I don't know where it came from. Rawr. Who the hell is Banto Tamazaburo?! Help. T-T

EDIT: ...I bet Banto Tamazaburo was talked about on the day I missed class. So, he must be something about the onnagata in Maiden of Dojoji then.

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See the influx of headlines again about changing Japan's constitution (the two sides: "oh noes!" "oh, yesh!")

Same story six months ago.

Except all of us in Modern Japanese History were writing a paper on the constitution (and women, who still are full of fail, I'm sorry).

This is horrible of me (because I don't even agree with the changes proposed at this time), but just now I started to entertain the idea that the paper would be more interesting to write if they did finally amend it.

I wish I was on vacation. Silly Fourth of July and it's lack of being during school time. XD;

I changed my LJ style to the fox and Fuji-san! (I like the Vox styles) 'tis cute. (^・x・^)And the titles are now lyrics from HY's 11:00AM. Fluffiest song I know. And at this time last year I'm pretty sure I was at karaoke and this song was playing. *sigh* Anyway, I need more uplifting cute for every time I come and look at my to-do list of doom.


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