Feb. 11th, 2008 01:10 pm
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Japanese Literature Publishing:
I was lead to this site because I'm reading one of the books they published for my thesis (Ian Macdonald translation of 'The Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi). I'm excited that there's yet another publishing place out that that's interested in getting new translators started and helping to fill that gap in translations of Japanese Literature that isn't so well known outside of Japan. I was just a *little* *really* excited that they have Asano Atsuko's works on their to-do list (although they don't mention The Manzai, which is kinda funny since that's the series that made me like Asano...). Not really that pleased that they compared her to JK Rowling, but maybe it's not that far-fetched? I suppose they only meant it in the sense that their stories aren't the same, but in the young adult fiction of their respective countries they rule? Anyway, I couldn't help thinking, "I would love to translate Asano's series...SOMEDAY. I HAVE A DREAM (AGAIN)."

It's too bad I can't wrap my mind around writing a thesis on Asano Atsuko. Talk about picking something you love. However, I'm not sure I could make the jump from loving her works as a reader to critical analysis of it. Hmmmm....similar to this is the reason why I will never write a paper concerning manga ever again. The first time was an experiment that I have laid to rest. I think I'm going to be perfectly content to watch others do it, like Matt Thorn. But not like whatsherface at Duke....Anne Allison? Is it bad that every time I see the word "Freud" (yes, the "word" as opposed to the "name") I think of her?

Moving on....

I really wish I had known about Tsutomu Mizukami's "Umi no Kiba" sooner than thirty minutes ago. Apparently, it's a detective novel, but it's about Minamata disease. I'd really like to know how that plays out.

Amidst all the anxiety about coming up with a thesis statement, I still seem to find time to do things I'm not required to do. Last night I dug out my Kentei Kanji 3 textbooks from Nantan and practiced writing kanji while we watched two episodes of Dexter (I'm gradually starting to become addicted). I finished the first book of "I Am a Cat" yesterday (even though I should have been reading "Hanshichi"...Shhhhhh....). I read a little bit more of "Nishi no Majo," which is a good quick read that I can pick up every now and again. I should work on finishing it soon so I can talk to Sengiku-sensei about it.

I would like to point out that none of the above helped me accomplish my actual course work, although it certainly looked like I was accomplishing something. Yesterday I did read for theory on Wednesday, but I'll probably forget everything by then so it's really a moot point as to whether reading ahead accomplishes anything at all.

(I'm really hoping he's going to be there. :D <3)


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